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My name is Lisa and I am a mom of three.

When searching the internet for unique yet comfortable clothing for my children I quickly came to the conclusion that I will have to make my children's clothing myself if I did not want to break the bank by dressing them fashionable.
This is how maison jumeaux started.

Now I would like to share my passion with you. Affordable, comfortable, yet fashionable children's clothing.


Sloth Shorts, size 2 - 3 years

comfortable knit shorts with big pockets for little explorers and stone collectors.


flower power shorts, size 2 - 3 years

beautiful, colorful shorts with big pockets to collect all the important things on walks and playgrounds.


Harem Jogger nautical baby pants, 3 - 6 months

nautical loose fit harem jogger style baby pants. They grow with baby for almost a year, starting as long pants, till they can wear them as shorts when a year old.


pink apple harem jogger style baby pants, 3 - 6 months

Stylish, loose fitting harem style baby pants that will almost fit a whole year - first as long comfortable pants, later as shorts with a lot of room to move.


moon and stars harem style baby jogger pants, 3 - 12 months

mustard coloured, comfortable harem style baby pants with lots of room to grow. They will first fit as long pants and will, as baby gets older fit over the whole first year till baby can still wear them as shorts at the end.


lucky you four leaf clover harem style jogger baby pants, 3 - 6 months

beautiful, soft harem style baby jogger pants that will fit your baby for almost a year.


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